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FREE - Poster Education Activity Kit
                         Teachers Lesson Plan - (Cost us $500)

 - Release their self-esteem -

Inspire a life-changing epiphany,

and special memories of you.



Created by a professional artist,

his Ultra High Definition Art...

...is helping ADD/ADHD'ers learn
 that their "blessing" will be an asset in life, as demonstrated
by those who have achieved greatness, while  exhibiting
familiar traits throughout their respective lives.

Low self-esteem and the feeling of not
"fitting in" is a common thread.

FREE, for a limited time:

"Poster Education Activity Kit"
 (Teachers Lesson Plan)

This Activity Kit / Teachers Lesson Plan was created,
especially for this poster, by a Special Education Professional,
then edited and positioned for web download
at a total cost to us of over $500. 

The poster is the intended visual aid.

It's also popular with HomeSchool'ers
and Parents/Grandparents etc.

Some "Happy Poster" Stories:

I received the poster and have framed it -- thank you so much! It's very helpful for my daughter to realize that she's not alone, and that success is achievable with a little extra work!

Maryellen Mc***  -  Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:58:35

I ordered 2 posters....one for me and my 13 year old son struggling with ADD and one for his school.  Thanks for creating such a positive message to kids who feel so bad about themselves.  Best,  Kate P----ta - 01/26/12

Hi Fred,

My son Aaron, is 12 and was diagnosed with ADHD back when he was in 1st grade. He has taken Adderall in increasing amounts since.

He just realized that he has a "Condition" and is facing "Alternative" middle school as well as high school. He just doesn't fit will in large classes with lots of opportunities to act out and stir things up because he is bored.

When he realized he had a "Condition" that was so idiotically put by his teacher as a learning disability and that he "Needed to be put in a class that came under the "Special Education" Umbrella", Aaron went nuts.

He was sent home for causing a disruption in class and started asking questions of how he got this and why he has to live with it.
Well I "RAN" to the computer and "Googled" notable people with ADHD and found your site with the list of people and the pic of your poster and I printed up that whole page and took off for his moms home where I found him quite distraught.  Aaron is the kind of kid that dreads school but can pull an engine apart and build models and can follow directions.

After I showed him the printed pages of your site and the small pic of your poster he was in awe of people who had achieved greatness in spite of their "Condition"
He sat squinting at the pics picking out who he knew on it.
So, we bought the poster to put on the wall in his room to remind him that ADHD is no reason for failure and that many people were able to not only overcome but exceed beyond wildest expectations!

Thank you for taking the time to make the poster and the list and site along with the lesson course.
Anyway, thank you for what you've done!!!    Lynn Jo----son  11/20/11

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