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Do you have a Hyper-Excitable Dog?

Dogs Get Stressed... Just like we do.

Fred & Lynn's
 Golden Retriever - "Ruby Sunshine"
(They are very excitable dogs.)

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Ruby now,
after Neu-Becalm'd









  What happens inside a dogs brain...

  ...when they are subjected to daily stress such as competitive pack mates, constant noise, tv,  confinement, car sickness, and confusion, to name just a few.

They are in constant "fight or flight" mode.  Some dogs act just like the Energizer Bunny (never stops moving).  Some get really stressed and go to their "den".  Ruby gets under my desk during lightning storms, or fireworks, etc.

PLUS, they become irritable, lose sleep, won't eat, have high blood pressure and much more. 

Just like us, their brain chemistry balance can get way out of whack.

These chemical imbalances can also cause confusion, lack of normal reaction, a sense of danger, and even violent reactions.  (Ms. Kyle Dyer of KUSA-TV was badly bitten while doing a story about a dog's rescue from an icy pond by a firefighter.) 

This was a Traumatized Dog reacting to a perceived threat with instinctive survival skills. 

It wasn't the dog's fault. 
(It's not yours or your child's either.)

These brain chemistry shortages and imbalances can be corrected by increasing the specific nutrition (fertilizer) needed for the brain to adequately produce them.  (Your brain too.)

This is exactly what Neu-Becalm'd does best.

Vet's Agree

Houston, TX -- My own Dog frequently became car sick after only a couple of miles.  However, Neu-Becalm'd before the trip always put an end to the problem.  The same results were found by many of the dogs in my care.

Los Angeles, CA -- Many of the dogs in my clinic were reported to become far more friendly to friends and relatives of their owners after being given Neu-Becalm'd.  However, their protective nature remained unchanged.

Western Colorado -- Sheep and cattle working dogs were found to be much more easily trained when taking Neu-Becalm'd, and the dogs desire to protect the herd was maintained.

Veterinarians and Professional Dog Trainers are recommending Neu-Becalm'd more and more.... however...

...some others won't, they say they are;
"Keeping it a trade secret"
(Now you know how they do it.)

Fred Agrees! 

We've been giving Neu-Becalm'd to Ruby since she was just a puppy.  Golden's are known to be hyper active, running head-on into furniture.  We called it "puppy zoom".  When over stressed by thunder or fireworks, she either hid or tried to lead us to the basement.  When we see her stress coming on, we open a couple Neu-Becalm'd capsules in a little food, and within 10 minutes or so, she's all fine, not panting anymore, just happy to be here... just like us.


Six Neu-Becalm'd Specials, lets you save big.