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Patented NeuBecalm'd and related formulations have been used in more than 700 US hospitals, and more than 1,000 drug and alcohol clinics under different trade names (Restores+, SAAVE, PECAL-103, StressX, NeuBecalm'd and others). Some of these names are interchanged in the following references.
U.S. Patents:
4,761,429   5,189,064   5,922,361   6,159,506 and others pending.

NeuBecalm'd is now available exclusively from the patent holder, NeuroGenesis, Inc., a publicly-traded (NEUG) Texas Corporation located in Houston, Texas USA.

The studies, articles and books listed below are supported by hundreds of other studies referenced therein.

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Hyperactivity/ADHD . . . New Solutions
by Shirley Lacy, PhD

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